Administrative Law

Rules and Regulations from Government Agencies

What I can do for you.

Douglas N. Owens PS can assist you with state, local or federal government agency cases.

I have forty-seven years’ experience with government agencies. Whether you are affected by government regulations, or are involved in a case with a government agency that is threatening to suspend or revoke a professional license you hold or impose monetary fines on you, I can help. If you have received a notice of violation from the Department of Labor and Industries or have been denied unemployment by the Department of Employment Security, I can help. If you have a trademark that you want to protect, I can help. If you hold a professional license and have been accused of unprofessional conduct by a licensing agency or board, I can help.

If you think I may be able to help with your government agency related matter, please contact me at 360-299-3990, today. Thank you.

If you have a business that is regulated by a government agency or you are involved in a government agency case, I can help you. My services include:

  • Commenting on Proposed Government Agency Rules
  • Appearing in Administrative Agency Cases
  • Appealing Administrative Agency Orders to Court

Why I can help you.

I have the experience to help you navigate the sometimes complex process and respond to government agency actions including business and professional license revocations and suspensions and penalty cases. I have represented agencies as a government lawyer and I have represented private citizens defending their licenses and permits against such agencies.

Services I can provide for you.

Counseling and Representation:

  • Reviewing the Impact of Agency Action
  • Commenting on Proposed Regulations
  • Defending Your Professional License or Permit in Government Agency Cases
  • Appealing Agency Decisions to Court

Why you should choose me:

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  • Payment Plan Options
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  • Washington State Bar Association Member